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Campaign to Reduce Youth knife Crime Launched in Manchester

With knife crime rising to alarming rate across Manchester and recorded cases of teenagers as young as 17 arrested for knife crime, Together as One Trust on Saturday May 21 2022 launched a new anti-knife crime campaign to educate young people on the dangers of carrying and using knives. The event took place at the Methodist Church hall on Wellington Street in Gorton-Manchester. The young people learnt why carrying a knife was not only a crim inal offence but could led to life defining injuries and even death and blight their futures. “No Knives, save lives” was a mantra they were taught to remember which time they everr thought of carrying a knife to defend themselves.

We are grateful to The National Lottery Community fund and lottery players for making this possible.

Here are some of the lessons young people will learn through the project to avoid getting criminal records that could blight their futures irrevocably.

Q. What is knife crime?

⮚ When someone is stabbed and injured

⮚ When someone is stabbed and killed

⮚ Simply carrying a knife can constitute a knife crime

Q. What are some of the consequences of knife crime?

⮚ One can be killed (you or your victim)

⮚ One can sustain life-changing injuries

⮚ You may inflict life-changing injuries on your victim

⮚ You can go to jail

⮚ You can have a criminal record that can affect you in the future

⮚ You may not be able undertake certain courses at university

⮚ You may not be accepted for certain jobs

⮚ You may lose friendships

⮚ You may lose family relationships

⮚ Your education may come to an end

Q. What should you do to help you stay away from knife crime?

⮚ Report knife-carrying school mates

⮚ Avoid knife-carrying friends

⮚ Spread the word about dangers of knife crime

⮚ Talk to a trusted individual if you have any concerns about knife crime


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