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About Us

People who experience isolation and loneliness cannot be happy. Individuals who lack the means and the support they need to express themselves socially and or culturally may feel that they do not belong and are therefore not part of the community. Young people in particular who do not benefit from adequate and appropriate guidance can be vulnerable to negative influences from friends, school mates etc; this can sometimes lead to a life of crime. Also, the lack of sufficient awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle can
result in serious short and long-term health and other consequences. It is against this background that the organisation - Together As One Trust (TAOT) was formed. Established in February 2019, TAOT is a not-for-profit charitable community organisation that with among
things, the following objectives:

- Promote cultural, social and economic integration among members of the community.

- Establish forums for promoting and manifesting good citizenship and multi-cultural values as well as provide advisory service through signposting to advice and other mainstream services to members in need.
- Providing a platform for people to meet and take part in active sporting activities that can help to promote good mental and physical well-being
- Educate and sensitize members of the community about the dangers of crime, with prevention at the center of our mission


Our Vision

 A community where everyone has the support that they need in order to attain
their full potential

Our Mission


Build a united and loving community

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