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Crime Prevention


Burglary, theft, drug and alcohol misuse, drunk driving, fighting or assault, knife  crime and so on are a scourge in our society and in our communities. Crime can lead to loss of lives,it can also cause life-changing  injuries, long-lasting physical and mental health problems. Other consequences of crime include imprisonment, loss of jobs, difficult career and employment prospects, inability to study certain courses, refusal of entry visa to enter into certain countries, just to name but these. One of the objectives of our organisation (Together As One Trust) is to sensitize  and educate the youth as much as possible about the dangers of involvement in criminal activity.

 Among the up-coming events that are earmarked, we plan to mobilize the youth of identified social and cultural community groups and hold sessions that discuss and explore the dangers of crime. An interactive discussion will take place focusing on what can be done if faced with the possibility of  being involved in committing a criminal act, such as signs to look out for, who to contact and talk to, what to say, etc.

Furthermore, the audience would also benefit from a first-hand account from reformed persons, one of who spent several years in prison due to crime. The account will include what a life of crime did to him and why in retrospect he now wishes he never got involved in crime in the first place.

Manchester ‘STOP CRIME’ Project
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